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Your Path to a Balanced Life
At Broadwater Osteopathic Practice, we understand the profound impact that stress can have on your overall well-being. In today’s fast-paced world, stress has become a common companion in our lives. It can manifest in various forms, affecting our physical and emotional health. However, stress isn’t always negative. In fact, it’s an essential mechanism that our bodies employ to protect us from danger. How we manage stress and harness its potential is key to maintaining a balanced life.

Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic

Addressing Stress and Promoting Wellness
Stress and anxiety are prevalent in the modern world, and they affect each person differently. What one person may perceive as stressful, another may not, and our coping mechanisms for stress can vary greatly. Stress can serve as a driving force, motivating us to excel and protect ourselves in times of peril. However, when left unmanaged, it can lead to physical and emotional turmoil.

At Broadwater Osteopathic Practice, we encounter many patients who are grappling with the physical and emotional toll of stress. For some, stress may be the tipping point that exacerbates existing health issues, while for others, it may be the primary reason for seeking our care. Our approach to addressing stress is multifaceted.

Comprehensive Stress Treatments in Worthing, Sussex

Wellbeing is not just about the absence of illness or disease it is about maintaining a state of optimal physical, mental and emotional health. In this state we can handle pretty much anything that life throws at us.

Our healthcare practitioners, including osteopaths, massage therapists, reflexologists, and acupuncturists, collaborate to provide treatments that promote physical and mental well-being. These therapies are designed to alleviate the symptoms of stress, offering relief and relaxation.

Understanding the Benefits of Stress Management

Stress management is not solely about alleviating immediate discomfort but also about equipping you to navigate the long-term effects of stress on your body. Our team not only provides treatment but also offers valuable lifestyle advice to empower you in your journey to better manage stress.

Holistic Wellbeing Treatments in Worthing, Sussex

Beyond addressing stress, our clinic is dedicated to promoting holistic well-being. Whether you’re an existing patient or seeking guidance for the first time, we are here to support you. With over two decades of experience serving the Worthing community, our team has a deep understanding of effective treatments and holistic approaches to well-being.

For those seeking answers to common questions or seeking more information, we encourage you to explore our Frequently Asked Questions section. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly for personalised assistance.

Stress and Wellbeing Clinic Worthing

Workplace wellbeing in Sussex

Alongside one to one wellbeing support at the practice, we also work with companies to provide workplace wellbeing assistance.

Our therapists can assist HR and occupational health teams to improve aspects of morale and workplace wellbeing, enhance remuneration, improve return to work times and offer workplace solutions. We can offer help with many musculoskeletal disorders, alongside assisting with relaxation and overall wellbeing of employees.

If your workplace offers a wellbeing programme, or would like to know more about the services we offer, please email us via

Some local companies pay for, or subsidise treatments with us, which they have found cost effective in reducing absence from work alongside boosting morale.

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