ollie hall


Oliver Hall MSOst

Practitioner Information

Ollie graduated with a Masters in Osteopathy in 2023.

He adopts a structural approach to Osteopathy, looking into the biomechanics of the body, whilst also considering the patient’s lifestyle factors and overall wellbeing to be able to obtain the patients goals effectively.

Better mobility, better function, better understanding and better health. Ollie feels it’s important to educate patients about their problems, enabling them to understand their pain and the reasons why they may be experiencing it. This he has found has a hugely positive effect and without doubt makes recovery and returning to an active and mobile life so much faster.

Ollie has enjoyed sports his whole life; having played Football, Cricket, Table-tennis, Badminton and recently, Rugby.

Due to his sporting background, he hopes to educate himself further in sports injuries & rehab to increase his abilities to treat and advise both your casual exercise enthusiast and higher achieving athletes.

Practitioner treatments and interests