Osteopathy for Teens, Children and Babies in Worthing, Sussex

We treat children of all ages and stages.

Treatment Information

At BOP we treat babies and young children as well as teens of all ages and stages of their development.

Approaches to treatment are gentle and age appropriate. They may involve a variety of osteopathic approaches including structural, cranial osteopathy and visceral osteopathy.

We receive many referrals from GP’s, health care visitors, speech therapists and midwives for our paediatric patients. If you have copies of any reports relevant to your child, please bring them with you to the appointment.

It is important to note that it is a legal requirement for all babies and children under the age of 16 to have a chaperone present throughout every appointment. This chaperone must be an adult who has legal parentally responsibility for the child.

Babies may hold tension within their bodies for a variety of reason and these tensions can impact the way they function. For example they may favour certain movement patterns or they may struggle to latch, not want to be put down or curl up more. Babies cannot speak and tell us what is wrong. The role of the osteopath is to examine any tensions, treat accordingly and provide advice and reassurance.

Assessment may include a full examination, similar to a neonatal exam. It can include checking muscle tone, reflexes and movements, with extra attention to areas that could be associated with any presenting symptoms. It is common practice for a baby to be undressed down to their nappy for this assessment, so that the osteopath can make a full assessment.

We would advise bringing your babies red book and anything you feel may aid to keep them contented throughout the treatment.

Like adults, children are seen at BOP for a variety of reasons. This may include, but is not limited to, aches and pains, developmental, digestive and stress related concerns.

Examination will be age appropriate and look to assess elements such as muscle tone, mobility and reflexes with specific attention to areas of potential concern related to their symptom picture.

It is common practice for the osteopaths to want to see the areas of the child or teen that are potentially the cause of problems and in doing so, they may wish to wear shorts and a sports top for this assessment.

For older children, the examination will be similar but taking into account what stage they’re at with their development.

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