Osteopathy for Teens, Children, and Babies

We treat children of all ages and stages.

Supporting Family Well-being in Worthing, Sussex
At Broadwater Osteopathic Practice (BOP), we extend our expertise in osteopathy to all age groups, including babies, children, and teenagers. Our approach to paediatric and adolescent osteopathy is gentle, age-appropriate, and designed to cater to the unique needs of each individual.

Whether your child is an infant, toddler, or teen, we offer a variety of osteopathic approaches, including structural, cranial osteopathy, and visceral osteopathy, to support their well-being.

Osteopathy for Teens, Children, and Babies

Paediatric Referrals and Chaperone Requirement
We are proud to receive referrals from various healthcare professionals, such as GP’s, health visitors, speech therapists, and midwives, who trust us with the care of their paediatric patients. If you have any relevant reports or documents concerning your child’s health, please bring them to your appointment for our thorough assessment.

Please note that, as a legal requirement, all babies and children under the age of 16 must have a chaperone present throughout each appointment. This chaperone should be an adult with legal parental responsibility for the child.

Baby Osteopathy Worthing

Babies, though unable to communicate verbally, may experience tension in their bodies for various reasons. This tension can affect their movement patterns, feeding, comfort, and overall well-being. As caring osteopaths, our role is to perform a comprehensive examination, identify areas of tension, provide gentle treatment, and offer guidance and reassurance.

The assessment for babies may include a full examination, similar to a neonatal exam. This involves checking muscle tone, reflexes, and movements, with extra attention to areas associated with presenting symptoms. During this assessment, it is customary for the baby to be undressed down to their nappy, ensuring a thorough evaluation. We recommend bringing your baby’s red book and anything that might help keep them contented during the treatment.

Osteopathy for Children and Teenagers

Holistic Care for Growth
Children and teenagers visit BOP for various reasons, including aches and pains, developmental concerns, digestive issues, and stress-related symptoms. Our examinations are tailored to the child’s age and development stage, focusing on elements such as muscle tone, mobility, and reflexes. Specific attention is given to areas potentially linked to their symptom profile.

For older children and teenagers, the examination is similar but adapted to their developmental stage. It is common practice for the osteopaths to request that older children wear shorts and a sports top during the assessment to facilitate examination of the areas potentially causing problems.

Caring for Your Child’s Well-being

At BOP, we are dedicated to supporting the well-being of children and adolescents. Our osteopathic treatments are aimed at addressing any physical discomfort, optimizing wellbeing, and providing guidance for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We understand that each child is unique, and our personalized care ensures that their individual needs are met.

Take the First Step Toward Your Child’s Well-being
If your child is experiencing discomfort or you simply want to explore any wellbeing concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at Broadwater Osteopathic Practice in Worthing, Sussex. Our experienced osteopaths are here to support your child’s well-being every step of the way.

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