Benefits of Massage treatment

Massage treatment benefits 

  1. Stress reduction- Let’s face it, who of us could ever say that they couldn’t benefit from less stress in their lives. Massage is a great way to help lessen everyday stresses and strains on both the body and mind.
  2. Lessens muscle tension– Our muscles are our bodies primary energy consumer. Tension held within muscles can not only result in soreness, pain and restriction, it can also make us feel tired and energy depleted too. Lessening muscle tension can have big health benefits.
  3. Improves circulation. Various massage techniques can be used to help improve fluid dynamics in the body. This can help improve general circulation and drainage, lessening oedema and assisting those cold hands and feet.
  4. It helps us relax. Regular massages help balance our levels of cortisol, our main stress hormone. This can help us to sleep better and enhance our general wellbeing and relaxation state.
  5. It can help improve our posture and mobility. Balancing our muscular system through massage can help us to lessen tone in tense muscles and enhance our spinal and peripheral joint mobility. Combining this with exercises and postural awareness can really help to improve our posture.

Massage treatments in Worthing

At BOP our massage team will often help support the work of the osteopaths in maintaining joint mobility and tissue flexibility between treatments.

Why not book a massage with Wendy or Nicki today and see how much better you feel. Treatments start at just £42 for a 45 minute session. Bookings can be made via the website or by calling the reception team on 01903 820206

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