5 reasons why Massage should be part of your health care plan


Why massage should be part of every health care plan. Massage at Broadwater Osteopathic Practice At BOP our massage team will often help support the work of the osteopaths in maintaining joint mobility and tissue flexibility between treatments. Why not book a massage with Wendy or Nicki today and see how much better you feel. […]

Osteopathy and Indian Head Massage for Sinusitis Complaints


Osteopathy and Indian Head Massage could assist sinusitis problems What are sinuses The sinuses are small air filled chambers which are located above your eyes, around your nose and in your cheekbones. What is sinusitis Their function is to warm and moisten the air as it makes its way to the lungs and to trap […]

How can I help to keep my muscles relaxed by Broadwater Osteopaths, Worthing


Self help- How can I help to keep my muscles relaxed This is a common question we get asked at Broadwater Osteopaths, Worthing. Spikey massage balls may be an answer to this.  Many of you may have noticed in the clinic, our lovely spikey balls. Some have commented that they use similar in their tumble […]

Hypermobility, Ehlers-Danlos and Massage


Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS-Hypermobility) is a group of inherited disorders that affect the connective tissue of an individual. It affects both genders and crosses all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Symptoms range from: There are currently 13 subtypes of classification for EDS. Up until 3 years ago I didn’t really know anything about EDS, but a client […]

Massage in Worthing at Broadwater Osteopathic Practice


Massage, one of the treatments on offer at BOP, Worthing. What are the benefits and how often should I have treatment.  The information provided below is taken from a variety of resources. The benefits of massage are considered and the author also looks at the importance of the frequency in which massage is provided and […]

Massage in Worthing


We offer a whole host of different types of massage at the Broadwater Osteopathic Practice. Treatments can be adapted to your personal requirements and needs. Our team are all highly skilled practitioners who have a vast knowledge of the treatments they perform. They are dedicated to providing you with the best treatment and regularly attend […]