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Worthing Massage therapist Nicki Wood

Nicki has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. She also practises Clinical Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Corrective Exercise techniques, to aid injury recovery. Nicki has a passion for helping people to enjoy life, as their fittest and healthiest self and supports people to achieve this. As a busy mum of two young girls, Nicki wants to help patients to find the confidence to live a healthy and happy life built on practical foundations.

At the practice, Nicki will be offering the following treatments. Each treatment and programme is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and is adapted as such over time. For more information about these treatments, please call the practice to speak directly with Nicki.

Clinical Massage treatment in Worthing

This form of massage uses stretching, joint mobilisation, trigger point work and generalised massage to enhance mobility, relax muscles and reduce tension. Suitable for all, it is commonly used for sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Treatment sessions are 45 or 60 minutes long and cost £42, £58 respectively.

Lifestyle Management in Worthing

This involves an initial consultation lasting about 60 minutes. This could be looking at and reviewing your diet, exercise, weight management, body-shape, fitness, your goals and your aspirations. You may be looking to improve your fitness and need assistance with this due to injury. Perhaps an injury has left you fearful to exercise and you need some 1-2-1 guidance on what to do, when to do it and how often. You may have an occasion coming up and want to loose a few pounds and increase your overall tone. Whatever your goals, Nicki can help guide you with an exercise, fitness and weight management plan and show you what you need to do. She can then be with you as little or as often as you need, after the initial visit, to review your progress and ensure you stay focused on your goals. She can also assist your progress using an online tool to monitor how you are doing, so you can both track your progression towards your goal. Any follow-up visits will last 30 minutes.

1st consultation 60 minutes £60 Follow-up sessions 30 minutes £30

Exercise Rehabilitation in Worthing

Nicki can work with you to enhance your fitness, improve your body shape or aid recovery and self-management, post injury. Suitable for all ages and needing no or very little equipment, Nicki will show you what you need to do, guide you through an exercise plan so you feel confident and set you a routine to follow. The initial assessment will take around 60 minutes, with any follow-ups being 30 minutes. At each visit your routine will be discussed, revisited and adapted accordingly.

1st consultations 60 minutes £60 Follow-up sessions 30 minutes £30

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