The Importance of Communication between Clients and Massage Therapists, by Wendy Jones

The importance of Communication between client and massage therapist, speak out!

I recently happened to speak to a canine massage therapist who divulged he much prefers to work with dogs, rather than people, as they don’t lie!

If an animal does not like what you are doing to it, it will let you know and likewise will present itself willingly, if it does!

As therapists, we try to encourage you to feedback whilst we are working with you in order to gauge levels of discomfort. The last thing we want is for you to endure excessive pain without telling us and going away with unhappy thoughts and reluctance to return. It is you body and we are happy for you to guide us.

Having said that; there is such a thing as ‘good pain’, as I am often told by many people with long standing conditions, such as Fibromyalgia and Elas Danlos Syndrome (extreme hypermobility). People with chronic conditions who live with pain daily can easily recognise ‘therapeutic pain’, that they have learned can benefit them on a regular basis.

So DO speak up people! Don’t be afraid to let us know what you are feeling! We REALLY appreciate feedback.

Author Wendy Jones, has been a massage therapist at Broadwater Osteopaths in Worthing for over 20 years. Contact her here. 

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