Massage treatment in Worthing

Massage treatment in Worthing

The information provided below is taken from a variety of resources. The benefits of massage are considered and the author also looks at the importance of the frequency in which massage is provided and the experience of the therapist giving treatment.

At BOP our massage team are all experienced practitioners who regularly update their knowledge and skills. All types of treatment can be adapted to the needs of the client based on the information provided in consultation.

As per the article, we would also recommend patients attend for a course of treatments to achieve the maximum benefits of treatment. Maintenance of health and well-being is of vital importance, both for mind and body. Regular treatments can help with this, by aiding relaxation, improving sleep and lessening everyday stress and anxiety.

The benefits of massage treatment

Experts on physical therapies for rehabilitation patients at the University of Alabama, Birmingham have found that massage therapy is useful in helping common conditions such as stress, anxiety and poor sleep. The research provided useful insights into the kinds of benefits that treatment can provide. It says that that the effects of massage are both immediate and cumulative.

Different types of massage treatments

Treatment can come in many forms. Among them Swedish massage is the most common one. It is meant for those who want to relieve stress. Deep tissue massage is another one which is beneficial for those with deeper aches and pains. There are two other therapy types called neuromuscular and trigger point massage which benefit everyone and is universal.

When looking for a massage the following aspects have to be considered:

      1. The type of massage therapy offered by the therapist

      1. Experience of the therapist in giving such a massage

      1. Basis and origin of the massage and its focal points

    Arnold Kelly is a massage therapist at the outpatient department of the rehabilitation centre at UAB. According to him, if you are someone who looks at massage as an outlet and a relaxation method then the benefits of such massage can be experienced by going for it once in a month. But for those who look at massage as a therapy that relieves pain and ailments, a massage as often as once a day is recommended. Most people opting for massage for either reason go to the masseurs at an average of once every week.

    Swedish Massage treatment

    Swedish massage is one of the most popular therapy methods in the world and is often referred to as ‘massage’ or ‘relaxation massage’. A Swedish treatment involves long and flowing hand movements called strokes and is often done in the direction of the heart. This particular relaxation technique also involves circular movements and kneading while an oil or cream is applied to reduce the friction. This is an ideal first treatment.

    Hot Stone Massage treatment

    A hot stone is also another common and popular massage method which is generally accompanied by another kind of massage technique such as the Swedish. This technique involves the use of hot stones which are laid on the shoulders and back of the client and these stones must be heated at a little over 100 degrees. This treatment can help in the better circulation of blood and helps a person relax.

    Indian Head Massage treatment

    This style of massage focuses treatment on the head, neck, shoulders and face. Clients will often seek this treatment to help with headaches and eye strain or postural tensions from desk working.

    Deep Tissue Massage treatment

    This kind of massage is mainly aimed at targeting the muscles which have been strained due to some reason. It can help those with posture problems or chronic pain in some or the other body part. The deep layers of muscles and tissues are targeted and intense pressure is applied along with short strokes. This treatment has many benefits but the client might feel sore for many days following the session due to extreme pressure applied.

    Professional Massage treatment in Worthing

    Nicki Wood and Wendy Jones are our 2 massage therapists at Broadwater Osteopaths in Worthing. They both provide a variety of treatments to our clients, all of which are tailored to the clients needs. The treatments on offer include deep tissue massage, Indian head massage, sports massage and lymphatic drainage treatments.

    To find out about our Massage treatments and about our 2 massage therapists at Broadwater Osteopaths in Worthing click here

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