Top tips to ease Back Pain


At this time of year many people are looking forward to longer and lighter days and are thinking about tackling jobs they want to do, both inside and outside the home. Maybe you have thought about giving the hall, stairs and landing a bit of a freshen up of paint or perhaps a complete makeover […]

Back Pain Treatment Worthing


Back Pain TreatmentBack pain treatment and back pain place huge demands on the NHS. It is said that approximately 40% of the population will suffer with back pain each year. Of this 40%, most will have symptoms that settle within 6 weeks, but around 8% will continue to develop chronic back pain. Sufferers of chronic back […]

What is Osteopathy


How osteopaths treat and what osteopathic treatment may help you with. Ever wondered what an Osteopath does or what Osteopathy may help you with? These videos explore just this. At BOP we have 6 Osteopaths. All have slightly different skill sets, but all 6 are highly skilled professionals. Find out more about our Osteopathic team on our website or […]

Osteopathy tips for a painless Christmas


Christmas is nearly here! We have a break from work to look forward to and quality time to spend with friends and family. Osteopathy tips to lessen back pain this Christmas To make the season as stress free and ultimately pain free as possible, try these simple steps. Our experienced osteopaths Worthing At Broadwater Osteopaths we have […]

Slipped Discs & Osteopathy


Slipped Discs and Osteopathy  Patients often attend the practice with a belief that they have ‘slipped a disc’ or that the disc has popped out and needs to be popped back in. Here we explore discs and why the term slipped disc is not exactly helpful.   What is a slipped disc The easiest way […]

Spinal Stenosis


Spinal Stenosis Spinal Stenosis Spinal stenosis is a condition which affects many people and happens when the space around the spinal cord becomes narrowed. This occurs most commonly in the lumbar region, but can occur in the cervical region too. As the space becomes narrow, there may be pressure on the spinal cord and also […]

Weight loss via diet or exercise


Obesity is very much a growing concern in the UK and is one of the leading health risks. Battles with weight are common conversations we have in clinic, especially relating to joint pains and exercise. Is exercise important in weight loss There are numerous research papers across the web and beyond, that examine the need […]

Back Pain treatment in Worthing


Broadwater Osteopathic Practice- Back pain treatment Our practice has been established in Worthing for over 30 years. We have a proven track record for assisting thousands of local people suffering with Back Pain, so you can rest assured you are in good hands. We are the largest osteopathic practice in Worthing, having 7 osteopaths, alongside a […]

Tips to ease back pain from breast feeding


If you are experiencing back pain whilst breast feeding, try these 5 simple tips from Osteopath Betts Curtis at Broadwater Osteopaths, Worthing. Back pain or neck and shoulder pain is a common complaint we hear from patients. Try these simple tips to see if they help ease those aches and niggles. Keep your baby Close whilst breast […]

Back Pain treatment in Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time of great emotion and also a time for great change too. Many women experience a joyful pregnancy without too many challenges,  but for others this is simply not the case. Pregnancy and back pain  During pregnancy there are a huge number of postural and hormonal changes that your body goes through […]