Top tips to ease Back Pain

At this time of year many people are looking forward to longer and lighter days and are thinking about tackling jobs they want to do, both inside and outside the home.

Maybe you have thought about giving the hall, stairs and landing a bit of a freshen up of paint or perhaps a complete makeover of the bathroom?

What ever your DIY mission, follow our simple steps and prepare your body for DIY tasks. In much the same way we prepare walls and sand down woodwork, our body needs some preparation too.

Top tips for easing Back Pain whilst undertaking DIY 

Tip 1- Have a plan in place and make it realistic. Think about what you need to have ready in order to make your job as easy as possible. Have you considered a roller on a pole for example to save reaching? A small sander rather than sandpaper? Kneeling pads to save those knees from grumbling? Just think ahead, are there ways I could make any tasks easier for me and ways around those challenges.

Tip 2- Prepare the body generally and for the tasks you are about to do. Simple stretching exercises can help to loosen the body as a whole and prepare it to work. Focus a bit more on areas of the body you know you will be challenging the most. Work from head to toe and gently move and stretch all parts.

Tip 3- Break up tasks. Try not to spend too long on any one task in any one posture. Break things up. This will give the body an overall work out, rather than focusing all challenges on one area.

Tip 4- Try not to overreach. Move your ladder and move yourself rather than struggling to reach points.

Tip 5- Rope in a friend. Doing DIY can be fun. Why not rope in a few friends to help. A few pairs of hands are far better than 1 and as a group you are likely take more breaks to chat and catch up too. We all like and loathe certain jobs too, so swapping tasks to favour those you like, can make a difference too.

Tip 6- After you have finished your tasks for the day, have a gentle cool down. Take things easier. Have a gentle stretch. Maybe a warm shower or use a wheat bag to ease aching muscles. An Epsom salts bath can help soothe aches and pains.

Tip 7- If even after following advice you are uncomfortable post your DIY stint, call your osteopath sooner rather than later. They will be able to help put you back on the right track once more. Find out more about back pain treatment here 

This NHS website offers lots of help and advice for Back Pain. You can also learn more about osteopathy on our website. Why not check it out, or give our friendly team a call today. Contact us here

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