Tips to ease back pain from breast feeding

If you are experiencing back pain whilst breast feeding, try these 5 simple tips from Osteopath Betts Curtis at Broadwater Osteopaths, Worthing.

Back pain or neck and shoulder pain is a common complaint we hear from patients. Try these simple tips to see if they help ease those aches and niggles.

Keep your baby Close whilst breast feeding

This may sound obvious, but keeping your baby as snug to you as possible, so that as much of their body is in contact with yours, makes a huge difference. This will lessen you having to lean and twist to meet them, thus reducing the strain.

Try different positions to feed

Mix up your positions. Try a side-lying posture for night feeds so that you can rest up as much as possible too!

Make friends with pillows

Make sure your pillows are working for you. Are they supporting you along your whole back? Do they support your arms and your baby? Play around with pillows and invest in some different shapes and styles to see what works best for you.

Keep feet flat on the floor

Keep your feet planted on the floor, so they are flat and supported. If you need to, put a box or a book under them to achieve this position. Your legs and body will relax more if your feet are flat.

Sit Bones

When sitting, can you feel your weight through your sit bones? Can you feel your weight evenly on both bum cheeks? If not, jiggle around until you feel an even weight through both sides. Sitting twisted or unevenly will put more strain on your back and pelvis.

Relax those Shoulders

When you are comfortable and baby is latched on, try and focus on your neck, shoulders and jaw. Are your shoulders relaxed or wrapped up around your ears? Breathe in and out as you try to relax. Many women experience pain at times with feeding and often have troubles getting babies to feed, all this can lead to tension, but things will get easier with time. Focus on your breathing and try to relax those shoulders down.

Help for back pain for new mums in Worthing

If you are still experiencing problems, call our team to speak with Betts Curtis one of our Osteopathic Team at BOP. Betts has a specialist interest in paediatric osteopathy and is a qualified infant feeding coach.

To book an appointment with Betts, click this link Book Online | Broadwater Osteopathic Practice (

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