Indian Head Massage in Worthing


What does Indian Head massage involve In this form of massage, a host of massage techniques are applied to the neck, shoulders, upper arms, head and face. The technique has been used in India for many years to help restore balance and wellbeing to the body. It was also used to promote healthy hair condition and growth. […]

Osteopathy for Headaches


Headaches and neck pain Headaches sometimes have an origin in the neck and this is when osteopathy may help. In the UK twenty five million school or working days are lost due to headaches each year. If you have been suffering from nagging, recurring or acute headaches, your neck may well be the primary cause. […]

Headache help and osteopathy


Headache remedies- 7 possible solutions  Headache help with Osteopathy Worthing At Broadwater Osteopaths in Worthing, many of our patients benefit from osteopathy or acupuncture or a combination of both to help manage and treat their headaches. The initial step in any treatment is to understand the patient and their headache picture and to be assured the headache is suitable for our […]

Headaches and neck pain


Are your headaches linked to neck pain Headaches are a common complaint. There are not many of us that are lucky enough to never have experienced one. Certainly on a personal note migraine headaches have, in the past, ruled my life.  There were many darker days with them when I felt it would be easier […]