Indian Head Massage in Worthing

What does Indian Head massage involve

In this form of massage, a host of massage techniques are applied to the neck, shoulders, upper arms, head and face.

The technique has been used in India for many years to help restore balance and wellbeing to the body. It was also used to promote healthy hair condition and growth. In this country it has become a common additional treatment to general massage and facials.

It is generally a relaxing, yet stimulating treatment which many people choose to enhance wellbeing, promote relaxation and aid sleep.

Some therapists will combine essential oils as part of the treatment process to aid these benefits.

What to wear for an Indian head massage

Indian head massage can be performed directly through light clothing if preferred, but I would generally advise it to be carried out directly on the skin using oils. This lessens any friction from clothing. As the technique involves massage to the head and face, it is advisable not to come from the hairdressers or when you want to leave for a party afterwards. Make-up should also be removed prior to a treatment session.

What to expect from Indian Head Massage treatment

Your therapist will talk to you about your medical history, lifestyle and the reason for your visit. You should mention any areas that concern you. They will often also ask about your skin and hair, as oils are often used as part of the treatment.  An Indian head massage treatment tends to last between 30-60 minutes.

What should I do after a massage treatment?

Allow time to relax post treatment to feel the maximum benefits. It is better to have a light rather than heavy meal too and do drink water. Personally I would leave the oils used to soak in to your skin, hair and face, but this is my opinion and I am not worried by appearance!

Indian Head Massage Treatment in Worthing

At Broadwater Osteopaths we offer a host of wellbeing treatments including massage. Therapist Wendy Jones offers Indian head massage, remedial massage and reflexology treatments. She is an experienced therapist with over 25 years of massage work behind her. She has worked alongside our osteopaths for many of these years and supports their treatments by providing maintenance massage treatments.

To find out more about our massage treatments in Worthing, click here.

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