Workplace Wellbeing in Worthing

Workplace Wellbeing for businesses in Worthing

Did you know at BOP, alongside offering treatments at the practice, we also offer Workplace Wellbeing assistance to many local businesses, workplaces and schools.

The Wellbeing programmes are led by Osteopath, Susan Bunce, who has over 20 years’ experience in dealing with muscular, joint and stress related issues.

Most employers appreciate that their most important assets in their business or organisation is their employees. Time off due to stress, anxiety and muscle or joint issues, causes the biggest drop in productivity and this is where we can play a big part. A happy and healthy workforce will, without doubt, bring better productivity and reap financial rewards too.

Our workplace wellbeing programmes allow for a mix of individual 1-2-1 treatments and assessments, as well as group sessions, designed to address issues like postural problems or stress management.

The team at BOP, all of whom are highly experienced, dedicated professionals, specially selected by Susan Bunce, are used to working alongside each other at the practice and can provide you with a rounded wellbeing programme for your staff.

Treatments and group sessions can all be taken at your place of work, if appropriate or at the Broadwater Osteopathic Practice in Worthing.

Try a Workplace Wellbeing session in Worthing

We can offer mini taster treatments, small group talks on a range of topics and can even teach your staff basic skills they can take away with them to try after we leave.

Our aim is simple, to make your staff feel better. More valued, more appreciated, more energised and to promote Wellbeing and self-awareness of health.

Our packages are designed to suit all Workplace budgets and we offer corporate discounts at the practice to any company we offer packages too.

The aim is to encourage your staff to take control of their own Wellbeing, to support them along the way to do this and to give them access to any tools and treatments they need to achieve this.

Still not sure? We are happy to provide contact details for companies we have worked with in the past, whom we are sure would be happy to discuss how the programmes have worked for them.

If you are interested in having a Workplace Wellbeing Session at your workplace, please send an email to for the attention of Susan Bunce.

For more details about the practice, the treatments we offer and about our therapists too, please click here

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