Weight management advice

7 weight management tips

  1. Don’t skip meals- eat meals at regular times and don’t skip breakfast. This will assist balancing blood sugars, lessen cravings and boost metabolism too.
  2. Cut back on the carbs- sugars and starches. This will act to reduce hunger, lower insulin levels and aids reduction in bloating and excess water retention.
  3. Aim to eat protein, fat and low carb-vegetables with each meal- to boost your metabolism and keep hunger at bay.
  4. Drink plenty of water- We often confuse hunger for thirst, so make sure you keep hydrated. This well also help fatigue and assist weight loss too.
  5. Use smaller plates-This may seem a silly idea, but it works. Also eat slower and chew more. It takes 20 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain you are full, so allow it this time!
  6. Plan meals ahead- Taking time to consider what you will be eating, is a good way to avoid impulse buying. It also lessens the chance of you buying junk foods and high calorie options.
  7. Exercise- Aim to increase exercise, both cardiovascular exercise and resistance/weight work too. This will help tone, keep the metabolism up and make you feel generally better too.

This NHS website is quite useful if you are thinking of starting a ‘healthy eating plan’. It reviews the most common weight loss plans, like the 5/2 diet, slimming world and weight-watchers and looks at the pro’s and con’s of each. It is worth a review before you start any weight loss journey.

Weight management advice in Worthing

If you are struggling with your weight and need some guided support with nutrition and exercise planning, why not speak to Nicki Wood our therapist at Broadwater Osteopaths. Nicki can help guide you on your dietary planning and help with exercise prescription too. She can be with you, offering support as little or as often as you like and can provide motivational skills to keep you on track. Take a look here for further details.

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