Vitamin D- Supplement Support

Vitamin D- Supplement support including guidance from PHE & NICE plus our thoughts

Vitamin D is so important to the health of our bones and immune system, perhaps more so now with Covid-19, than ever before.

There have been several reported papers stating that populations with low Vitamin D have been more prone to Covid infection and treating with Vitamin D supplementation has improved outcomes, with less ICU need. More research is however needed at this stage to conclude more direct links between the 2, as their may be other variables to consider in these groups.

Many of our team supplement with Vitamin D, at least in winter months and would recommend consideration of the information provided below from PHE and NICE. Speak to your GP or pharmacist for further information and guidance with regards to your own personal circumstances.

Supplementation of Vitamin D is provided for free to some groups within the UK.

PHE and NICE statement of November 2020 states the following with regards to Vitamin D

  • Everyone is advised to take a supplement of Vitamin D during the winter months
  • Too low levels can result in problems such as rickets in children and bone pain and muscle weakness in adults.
  • Some reports suggest that Vitamin D can potentially reduce the risk of Covid-19.
  • Those at more risk of not having enough Vitamin D, even in spring and summer, are advised to take the supplement all year round. This group includes those with dark skin, those who are not often outdoors, those in care homes and those who cover up their skin when outdoors.

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