Visceral Osteopathy Treatment in Worthing

Visceral Osteopathy treatment in Worthing 

When we think of osteopathy and osteopathic treatments we often think of manipulation of the bones, muscles and joints.

Visceral osteopathy looks at our inner functions and restrictions and how these could be contributing or maintaining our symptoms.

This may explore, for example, how the stomach, bowel or bladder is functioning. What symptoms or restrictions are there? These restrictions may be a result of surgical adhesions, traumas, inflammation, infection or allergens. There may be symptoms such as IBS, low back pain, frequent urination or bloating.

The role of the osteopath, is firstly to understand the underlying cause of the symptoms, referring to the GP if necessary and then treating accordingly to what has been found.

The aim of Visceral Osteopathy treatments

The aim of treatment is to ease any restricted movement in the organ, therefore helping its function, in much the same way as we would a restricted or tense muscle. This treatment may help ease symptoms such as IBS, reflux, bloating, pelvic pain and mechanical symptoms like back pain.

Visceral Osteopaths in Worthing 

At BOP Osteopaths Betts and Grant use visceral osteopathy approaches. Read more about them at Meet The Team | Broadwater Osteopathic Practice | Worthing (

It should be noted that this area of osteopathy, along with many other practices, has a small research field of studies and more research in this field is needed.  

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