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Feeling drained after Christmas- time to look after you!

Are you, like me, feeling a bit post-Christmas blues-esk? Perhaps eaten too much, not done enough, sat on the sofa a bit too long and perhaps are just a tad fed up with short days and grey skies? There is always so much going on before Christmas. Lots of meals-out, parties, catching up with people, being nice and smiley to all, keeping up the festive cheer, wearing the festive jumper and hat. Then after Christmas, the lights come down, the days are grey, everyone is on a diet and miserable or giving up something ‘as it is January’.

Perhaps this year it is time to think about YOU instead of all of them. Making time for YOU and what YOU actually want to do this year. How are you REALLY feeling. Do you WANT to take up that ‘vegan’ diet? Do you WANT to really quit smoking and are you ready too. What do you want in 2019?

For me personally, January is not ‘MY’ time of the year to make drastic changes. I am NOT a January person. From Spring onwards I am much better, when the days are lighter and longer and the world looks a bit more colourful. Who knows Brexit may also be less of a swear word too then.

I look at January as a time to focus on ME though. As it is a socially ‘quieter’ month, mostly due to friends doing the diets, exercise routine etc etc, I look at booking up my body check-ups.

I know my body will have suffered as a result of my over-eating and lack of December exercise and I also know my brain will be more tense as a result of too much activity crammed into a single month. Meeting lots of people, friends, family and the likes also I find more and more draining, that could be age creaping in, but for me this is the perfect time therefore to get an MOT check done.

Despite being a therapist for over 20 years now and working with my lovely colleagues, even I can fail to realise how much my body has stiffened up or how out of kilter I am. I can also rely on my colleagues to tell me ‘just how it is’. We do not treat each other any more kindly. Some of us are good and follow our own advice, but even 20 years on, we sometimes need it spelled out to us.

I would urge you all to think this year more about YOU. Take time out. Have an MOT check-up. Get your joints and aliments looked at whilst they are whispers, before they scream at you. Do listen to your therapist and be guided by them. They all have your best interests at heart.

Have a great 2019. Make it the best yet and remember, take care of YOU. Book your Mind or Body or Both MOTs this January! Make your Wellbeing your priority. Remember if you need help and advice, get in touch with our team at Broadwater Osteopaths, Worthing. 

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