Sports Injury treatment Worthing

Sports Injury treatment in Worthing

At Broadwater Osteopathic Practice we have the perfect team to help you with a Sports Injury.

Many people will often seek help from a Sports Therapist or Physio for their sporting injury, but we feel our team are perfectly placed to help.

Several of our Osteopaths have keen interests in Sports themselves and participate in many, so have 1st hand experience and understand what it’s like to not be active.

Some have worked in the Sports field for many years as personal trainers and Sports Massage therapists too.

Treatment of sports injuries at Broadwater Osteopaths

Our team work alongside each other to treat many sports men and women from all disciplines and levels. They work to ascertain the root cause of the injury and treat using a mixture of approaches.

This could involve hands-on treatment such as Massage, Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Electrotherapy alongside rehabilitation and lifestyle adaptation work.  

The team will not only focus on recovering you from injury, but look to enhance your performance too, by assessing general wellness, strength, stamina and flexibility.

A visit to the team may also help in injury prevention, ensuring you are in top form before an event or season. If you are new to exercise and sport, this can be a good time to get a check over too and speak with the team about your goals and plans. They can then help with your planning and hopefully lessen injury potential.

For more information, speak to Osteopaths Matt and Grant or Massage therapist Nicki Wood or head online to to book in with the team. Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation | Broadwater Osteopathic Clinic (

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