Self-care – A starter kit for busy lives

Wellbeing as part of daily self care

Self-care is so important and making time for it each day is vital to both physical and mental wellness. Allow yourself 20 minutes a day and test out some of our self-care ideas.

Making time for self-care can help reduce stress, improve sleep, enhance mood and build immunity.

Pick things you enjoy. Try something new. It is all about relaxing, enjoying and giving yourself time.

  1. Take a walk outside. Breathing in fresh air and being part of the great outdoors can have huge health benefits. Take a moment to listen, to breathe, to smell and to hear. Take in your surroundings and let other thoughts just wash over your head.
  2. Practice breathing. As silly as this may sound, just resting and practising good breathing techniques can help to calm the nervous system and mind. Lie down, dim the lights, close your eyes and simply breathe. Focus on breathing more from your tummy and less from your chest, relaxing your shoulders as you do so.
  3. Try some Yoga or Pilates. Both disciplines can help improve your flexibility and strength, but also still your mind too.
  4. Make a healthy snack or a hot drink and simply sit and really enjoy it. Savour the tastes and just allow the time to sit, clear your mind and focus on the present. Try to avoid caffeine or sugar as both will stimulate rather than soothe.
  5. Treat yourself to a massage. Buy a nice massage balm or wax and use it. Songbird do some lovely ones, check them out online. Use a massage spikey ball or a hand held tool if its easier for you. Even just a few minutes rolling a massage ball under your feet can ease tensions and pains. Focus on an area at a time and note how much tension you are carrying and how it improves after a few minutes work.
  6. Write things down. This could take several forms. For some it maybe as simple as writing down the days tasks so that work flows smoother. For others it maybe writing down all the positive things that have happened, so that you can look back on these in more challenging times. It can also be used to write down the days stresses. Once written, they are out of the mind and can be processed when time allows.

Once you have conquered the 20 minute daily challenge, invite a friend to join you. Take them on the walk. Enrol in a class. Spend time discussing your stresses and see if they have the same or others. Positive social connections are a great asset to lessening stress, enhancing wellbeing and living a happier life.

Wellbeing in Worthing

At Broadwater Osteopaths our team help patients with all aspects of their health and wellbeing. Our treatment range looks to help both physical and mental wellbeing, alongside providing advice on home exercise and wellbeing as part of daily care. Take a look here to find out more.

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