Reflexology for wellbeing in Worthing

Reflexology for wellbeing and relaxation 

During this treatment, pressure is applied to a range of points on your hands and feet that correspond to the organs, glands and tissues in of your body.

It is believed that by applying this pressure, to the hand or foot, you can cause a reaction to occur in another part of your body. It is based on a principle similar to that of acupuncture, in that our body is mapped our by channels of energy and that we feel symptoms, when this flow is blocked in some way. By applying pressure to these points it is believed that an impulse or message is sent all the way along the channel, allowing better ‘free flow’. This in turn is believed to bring a better sense of balance and well-being to the body.

What may reflexology help?

A lot of people will come for treatment to simply ‘feel better’ and to improve wellbeing and relaxation.  The daily mail recently published a paper on the benefits of reflexology for pain relief see for further details.

What to wear for a reflexology treatment

As reflexology focuses on the hands or the feet, there is no need to wear any particular type of clothing. Clean and fresh feet are most welcome though.

What to expect from a Reflexology treatment

Your reflexologist will speak to you about your health, lifestyle and the reason for your visit. It is important to share any relevant information about you, that may help your therapist to optimize your treatment benefits.

The treatment is less of massage and more of pressure to points. Some of these points may be tender or sore, so feedback to your therapist how you are feeling. Treatments are usually booked for 45 minutes to an hour, but taster sessions may also be given to see whether the treatment is for you.

Regular treatments can help to maintain the benefits you feel. Your therapist will discuss this with you.

What should I do after a Reflexology treatment?

For some people, reflexology may make them relaxed and sleepy, whereas others feel energised or tearful. This is all normal. It is advisable to book a session when you know you don’t have a lot of commitments afterwards, so that if you need to relax and unwind, you have time to do so.

Reflexology treatment in Worthing 

At Broadwater Osteopathic practice in Worthing we offer a host of treatments to help with Wellbeing of both the body and mind and to aid relaxation. 

One of our massage therapists, Wendy Jones offers Reflexology treatments to her clients. Wendy is an experienced massage therapist, with over 25 years of experience in deep tissue and remedial massage. She has worked alongside our osteopathic team for many years and provides maintenance treatments to their clients. Many of her clients have reflexology for general wellbeing and to ease every day stresses and strains. 

Read more about Reflexology treatments at the practice here. 

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