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Podiatry foot care tips

Taking good care of your feet is so important, especially for those with long term conditions such as diabetes.

Following simple daily care can make a huge difference to their appearance and health, helping to prevent problems occurring.

Follow these tips for healthy, happy feet.

A podiatrists guide to healthy feet

Bathing- take care to wash your feet daily, in warm soapy water. If you have mobility issues, using a long handled sponge can help. When drying, make sure to get right in between your toes to thoroughly dry each part. Using a face cloth can be great for this and easier to handle.

If your skin is dry, using an E45 cream can be a good overall choice. For thicker skin, especially around the heals Flexitol does a great job. Applying creams at night under a cotton sock, will allow moisture to act on the skin overnight and will really soften the skin.

Avoid talc between toes, as this can work to absorb moisture but can also encourage bacterial and fungal build up. A spritz of surgical spirit can help for those prone to athletes foot or moisture build up’s between the toes.

Aim to keep nails short, but not too short.  Cut them so that they are level with the top of your toe. If cutting is tricky for you to manage, file them weekly instead so as to manage growth. Follow the shape of the nail as you cut.

Podiatry in Worthing 

If you are struggling to care for your feet or simply need someone to kick start you on a great footcare routine, why not book your feet in with Sue Potten, our Chiropodist at BOP.

Sue can advise on the best routine for you, taking into account your age, mobility and specific footcare needs. She has many years of experience as a chiropodist and, as such, will have encountered most things!

Sue is with us at BOP on a Wednesday and Friday. Initial appointments cost £50 and any subsequent are £40 See more on our website at, or call 01903 820206 to book your appointment today. Find out more about the treatment here. 

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