Massage in Worthing

We offer a whole host of different types of massage at the Broadwater Osteopathic Practice. Treatments can be adapted to your personal requirements and needs. Our team are all highly skilled practitioners who have a vast knowledge of the treatments they perform. They are dedicated to providing you with the best treatment and regularly attend CPD events to update their knowledge and improve their skill-sets.

Experienced Massage therapists in Worthing

Wendy Jones has worked alongisde the osteopaths at BOP for over 20 years and has a fantastic insight to back problems and the common complaints people seek osteopathic treatment for. She has provided remedial massage as maintenance treatments for our osteopathic patients during this time and enjoys helping clients maintain as active lifestyle for as long as possible. There is not much that Wendy hasn’t seen or doesn’t know about your aches and pains.

Carla has been a mobile therapist and reflexologist for the last 10 years working in and around Worthing, before joining BOP in 2015. She will often combine a host of different modalities in to one treatment for example combining hot stones and clinical massage or indian head and facial massage, to give optimum results.

Beverley was a midwife and nurse before becoming a therapist. She has been in practice for the past 14 years and offers a whole host of treatments from aromatherapy and hot stone to reflexology, thai, holistic and facial treatments. She is also a skilled hypnotherapist and counsellor.

How could a Massage treatment benefit?

Some of the common reasons people may have massages are; to relieve muscle strain and tension, aid sleep, improve mood and wellbeing, relieve tension, everyday anxiety and stress.

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