Maintenance to assist prevention of aches and pains

Think of a visit to us as an MOT for your body, being similar to a visit to the dentist, hygienist, chiropodist or mechanic.  Our aim is to help to keep your musculoskeletal health in tip-top condition.

It is worthwhile to mention that the pain you feel is often the first thing you experience to tell you that something is wrong. Being pain-free may therefore not mean that all is well.

The truth is that most painful conditions arising within the musculo-skeletal system (the muscles and joints) have often been brewing for a long period of time without us being aware of them. 

This is often due to the stresses and strains of our daily life, be it sitting at a desk, working in physical jobs, gardening, playing sports, and just getting a bit older. Strain will often accumulate in a particular area until one day something fairly minor will just be too much for the body to cope with. This is when pain can arise.

The idea of maintenance treatments, particularly for recurrent issues, is to identify areas of potential problems before they give rise to injury and pain. 

Treatment and advice at this time can be very helpful in avoiding these painful and sometimes debilitating episodes. Maintenance treatments can also help to manage and keep control of some of the more chronic on-going conditions that may affect our daily lives.

The frequency of maintenance treatments will vary from person to person depending on many factors. Your osteopath or therapist will discuss with you what time scale might suit you as an individual.
Don’t put off those niggles before they become pains. Act today and book your MOT appointment on 01903 820206.

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