How to choose a good shoe for a child

Top tips for buying kids shoes

Lots of us love our shoes and kids are often no less fussy when it comes shoes. Growing feet need special attention and it is vital to choose wisely.

Many children will spend over 32 hours each week in their school shoes, so picking the best ones for them is important. The effects of poor choice can be seen not only locally on their feet like blisters and sores, but also distally too, from low back and joint pains. There are some simple things you can assess when picking a good pair for them, follow these and you will be going a ‘step’ in the right direction.

  • Choose a shop that will measure their feet and get them measured regularly. When starting school, children’s feet can change up to 2 sizes in a year! So it is vital to get them measured often.
  • A good fitting shoe, measured well, will allow the foot support, especially around the arch of the foot, but also allow flexibility in the sole to enable them to run, skip, jump and generally be kids.
  • Ideally choose a shoe made from natural materials, which are less likely to make the foot sweat, leading to fungal infections. Many kids see our chiropodist with fungal nails and athletes foot too, from man-made fibre use and poor foot hygiene.
  • You should look to choose a shoe with a fastening to hold the foot in the shoe, so as to not make the toes claw, to hold the shoe in place.
  • The back of the shoe needs to have a firm, but cushioned support to allow the foot to stay in place, be supported, but also not rub.
  • In clinic we see too many kids with pump like shoes, offering zero support, please avoid these. Also look to avoid high heels which tend to overload toes.

Back and joint pain treatment for children

Remember too, if your child is complaining of pains in their feet, legs or back, please look at their shoes and see how worn they are and consider if they need to be replaced. If the symptoms persist, bring them to see us and we will seek to find out where the problem lies and hopefully offer a solution. Take a look here at osteopathy treatment for children and chiropody treatments.

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