Help for back pain in Worthing

7 steps to help ease back pain

These tips are brought to you by the team at Broadwater Osteopaths in Worthing.

Step 1- Move more
Step 2- Do little and often
Step 3- Do not carry or lift more than you need to.
Step 4- Know your limits
Step 5- Learn to say no and ask for help
Step 6- keep an eye on your weight
Step 7- Maintain hydration

Step 1-This is as simple as it sounds. At any opportunity move more and sit less. Change position and fidget too.

Step 2- Plan your tasks, take breaks and do a mixture of chores instead of sticking to one.

Step 3- Know the contents of handbags, shopping bags etc to a minimum and travel light. Fill watering cans to half and not full capacity. Do more lighter loads, rather than less full loads and lift well.

Step 4- If you know you are able to do an hours gardening without pain, but 2 hours is asking for trouble, then listen to your body. As per step 2, listen to your body and plan your activities. Also know your limits when it comes to time spent at the desk, lifting loads, picking up grandchildren etc.

Step 5- Don’t be too shy in saying no. Most of us tend to be in the Yes brigade, but saying no is sometimes no bad thing. Ask for help to lift or carry items or to do daily tasks. You never know, you may be surprised by who comes to assist you.

Step 6-Maintaining a healthy weight will not only lessen strain on your joints and muscles, but on your heart and lungs too. Simple measures like lessening portions, cutting down on snacks and processed foods can make all the difference.

Step 7-Keep your water content up. Over 60% of our body is made up of water, so keep this level topped up. Avoiding caffeine can also help.

Back pain help in Worthing

Broadwater Osteopathic Practice in a long established practice in Worthing which has treated many thousands of local people for back pain over the past 30 years. The team at the practice consists of 7 osteopaths and a further 6 therapists. Osteopathy and acupuncture are often used as primary treatments in the treatment and management of back pain. The 3 principal osteopaths at the practice have over 70 years of experience to share with patients in treatment and management of back pain. Find out more here

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