Gua Sha treatment in Worthing

Gua Sha: A bizarre but highly effective add-on treatment to acupuncture. By Caroline Crowther BSc (hons) MBAcC DipFH  

Gua Sha Treatment

Gua Sha is an ancient East-Asian treatment where a blunt-edged instrument is used to repeatedly stroke oiled skin. Similar to cupping, a red/dark/purple rash tends to appear on the skin and is an expected side effect of treatment. The rash usually disappears after a few days. You may have seen YouTube videos of facial enhancement Gua Sha where the treatment is done more gently.  The treatment is usually pleasant to receive and feels a bit like a deep tissue massage despite very little pressure being applied.

Benefits of Gua Sha treatment

The strongly anti-inflammatory effects of Gua Sha are wonderful for the relief of musculo-skeletal pain and stiffness. It can be used to treat pain in many areas of the body, including the hands and feet.

As measured by laser Doppler the microcirculation of surface tissue is increased by 400%. Research has shown that treatment triggers Nitric Oxide secretion leading to vasodilation, inhibition of platelet adhesion, reduced inflammation and pain, and promotes wound repair. It has also been shown to breakdown haemoglobin and re-absorb it, whilst upregulating the immune system via the protective gene Heme-Oxygenase.

Gua Sha treatment in Worthing

If you would like to learn more about the treatment and how a visit to an acupuncturist may benefit you, speak to Caroline today by calling our friendly team or send us an email to Find out more about Caroline here Meet The Team | Broadwater Osteopathic Practice | Worthing (

Acupuncture treatments, which may incorporate Gua Sha, start at £50.

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