Get a good night, with the right pillow- by Osteopath Susan Bunce

Get a good night with the right pillow

There are so many pillows on the market nowadays that choosing the right one has become a chore in itself. From memory foam to feather to orthopaedic the choice is huge. Getting a good night’s rest and waking up in the morning with less neck and back pain is priceless.

At BOP over the years we have supplied a range of pillows, but by far the most popular we have had is the Complete Sleeperrr. This pillow claims to be luxurious and totally adjustable. Its gentle contouring encourages the spine to be in a natural alignment, which should provide a better night’s sleep and also less discomfort too.

One of the main benefits of this pillow is that it is adjustable, unlike many of its rivals. It has 2 removable inserts, which can be removed to suit your postural needs. This means that one size fits all with the pillow. You can also customize the softness of the pillow by removing some of the foam strips, to make it feel softer.

Many of our therapists at BOP use the Complete Sleeprrr and report benefits from using it.

As no one pillow suits all, we offer trials with the Complete Sleeprrr for 2 weeks. This time should enable you to see how it feels and give you an idea as to whether it is of benefit to you. After this period, you can purchase the pillows from BOP reception for £51 (RRP £59), or simply return if it has not been of benefit to you.

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