Chiropody in Worthing- healthy feet-by Sue Potten Chiropodist

How can chiropody help your feet? Improve your foot health with chiropody by Sue Potten.

Although the weather is gloomy, it won’t be long before we look ahead to spring with lighter days and footwear. With this mind it’s a good idea to check on the state of our feet.

Healthy feet are happy feet, so if there has been a troubling issue with your tootsies, perhaps before we bare all foot wise, a check-up would be in order. Is that bumpy area on your sole a corn or something more sinister like a dreaded verrucae? Please get the right treatment plan for this area with the right diagnosis.

Shoe assessment – are your shoes new season friendly? Are they still comfortable? Do they support you? Are they giving you enough shock absorption? When buying new footwear have a feel inside the shoe.  Check out the seams and ridges of the shoe. These are trouble spots for abrasions and general discomfort. A finger width gap is advisable from the longest toe to end of shoe to avoid
clawing of toes and hard skin build-up.

How are your nails? Do they look healthy? Is that discoloration spreading? Get some advice & treatment ready for the feet to be sandal prepared.

Finally, it’s a long away off, but the annual “Feet for life” month will be upon us in July. Not long now…… here we come!!

Sue Potten. Chiropodist

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