Back Pain tips from Broadwater Osteopaths, Worthing

Back Pain advice

The main reason that people come to see us at BOP, is pain, with stress being a close second to this. Whether it be back, neck, joint or arthritic pains, period pains; or headaches– pain is the primary trigger for a visit.

Many people will try simply putting up with it, or taking medication, sometimes in the belief that nothing can be done and they simply have to live with it, which is often not the case.

Most back pain for example, will resolve with time; self-care; exercise and manual therapy.

If you have back pain, try our 5 top tips and see if you feel any better. If symptoms persist or you are concerned, call us on 01903 820206.

Back pain tips from our Worthing Osteopaths

  1. Keep moving- if at all possible, stay mobile.
  2. Contrast bathe the area – 5 minutes cold (a packet of frozen peas wrapped in a damp cloth), followed by 5 minutes hot (a wheat bag), followed by 5 minutes cold again – repeat every 2 hours.
  3. Find a position of comfort, but try to move every 30 minutes from it. Lying on your side with a pillow between your knees or on your back, pillow under knees may help.
  4. If the pain is bad, medicate using basic medication – paracetamol and ibuprofen work well together to settle initial stages of pain. But always check with the pharmacist first.
  5. Manual therapy- seek help to get back to normal fast. Ideally start treatment within 2 weeks.

For some simple back pain stretches see our YouTube Channel. Always check with your therapist or GP before commencing these.

If you need further help or advice, book an appointment with the team via Book Online | Broadwater Osteopathic Practice (

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