Back pain tips for the summer

Back care tips for a better Summer

We all want to enjoy our summer holidays, whether you are spending time with the kids, away on holiday or enjoying a staycation. These simple tips may help to ease back pain and make the summer a little more enjoyable.

      1. Ditch the flip-flops. Whilst they may be ok for a very short time period, flip flops offer very little support and encourage the toes to claw up to help grip. This can result in back and leg pains. Buy summer shoes that offer support and stop the slip and slide effect of flip flops.

      1. Pace yourself. We all think we are able to do in a time period than is actually achievable. Pace tasks and switch tasks regularly. Do little and often, rather than all in one go.

      1. Warm up before you start. Your body needs a little TLC and preparation to work if it is not going to let you down. A few gentle stretches in the morning and before exercise, will help you.

      1. Hydrate well and apply sunscreen. Water is essential for fluid dynamics within the body and in warmer weather more is lost through perspiration. Ensure you rehydrate regularly. Protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun by using sun cream and sun blocks. Ensure kids are covered and kept cool and in the shade.

      1. Be prepared when you travel. Pack your pillow and even a wheat bag or ice pack too. Try to ensure luggage is kept to a minimum. Do you really need 16 dresses for 1 weeks holiday? Lifting heavy bags can put adverse pressure on the joints and spine, so keep loads to a minimum.

      1. Enjoy, live and laugh. Keeping a positive mind helps to keep a positive body too. Spend time with friends, socialise, practise mindfulness or yoga. Whatever your ‘feel good’ factor is, make time for it. Remember we have 1 life and we need to live it.

      1. Don’t stress over the little things. We all worry too much these days, but try to only spend time on thoughts you have control over. Learn to accept those that you cannot change. Think of the bigger picture and beyond your own concerns, then rethink about how important they Really are.

    Help for back pain

    If you do experience back pain this summer, help is at hand with our friendly team of professionals at Broadwater Osteopaths. We offer a whole host of treatments which can help ease pain, improve mobility and get you back to enjoying your summer once more. Osteopathy, acupuncture and massage are popular choices at the practice. Take a look here at our host of treatments or find out more about back pain here. Why not contact us today. 

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