Back pain- is your bag the cause

Rucksacks and Bags….pack them well to avoid pain and question….do I REALLY need this today?

Rucksacks are a great way to carry school and work ESSENTIALS when used and packed well. Sadly we see many people in practice with the after effects of BRP (bag related pain) mostly from either excessive contents or poor wearing. Mostly the pain is not purely the result of the backpack, but it definitely is not helping matters.

Try and consider these points to help your body work more effectively, more efficiently and hopefully less painfully too.

Back pain tips for carrying bags

  • 1st consider the question, what do I REALLY need in my bag today. So many times, when I offer to take a patients bag through to the treatment room, I am staggered as to how heavy it is and exactly what it contains for work or for school.
  • Load the heavier items lower down in the rucksack and closer to your back. This ensures that it is closer to your own centre of gravity. Also ensure items are not poking in to your back though. Pack lighter items higher up the bag.
  • Pick a good bag that fits YOUR needs. No 1 bag suits all. Is it a good size for you? Does it fit well on you?
  • The rucksack needs to sit snug to your body and the upper part of the bag to the upper part of your back. You don’t want the bag sagging around your bum. The bag needs to be at 1 with you and snuggly fit around you to keep the centre of your gravity and it, in tune.
  • Please use all straps and supports of the bag. Do not just sling it over one shoulder to be cool. Coolness can become painful.

Help for back pain in Worthing

If you are experiencing pain, come and see our team of Osteopaths in Worthing. We have 7 osteopaths at Broadwater Osteopathic Practice, all of whom are skilled in the assessment and treatment of back pain. Back pain forms a large part of our working week. Just remember to carry your bag well when you see us!

For more information about our osteopathic treatments click here.

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