Autumn health tips with Worthing Acupuncturist

Autumn is truly here – the clocks have gone back and we have gained an hour.  The air is fresh and cool and cosiness is a priority.

Seasonal health changes for physical and mental wellness

The Chinese believe that we should live according to the seasons and as you watch the leaves change colour and fall off the trees, you too should be changing preparing for winter. The social lively party times of summer are over so focusing inwardly on ourselves is called for at this time.  The pace of life should be slower, conserving our energy in preparation for winter and nourishing our bodies, mind and spirit.

This is a time of letting go of that which no longer serves you and finish all those projects. This allows for the new growth to happen in spring. Just think of all the gardeners cutting back the trees and planting out their spring bulbs deep into the ground.

Autumn self care- the Chinese Medicine way

As well as having some acupuncture to boost your immune system in preparation for the cold and flu season, here are some tips to keep you healthy.

The organs associated with autumn according to Chinese Medicine are the lungs, colon and skin so focus on your breath and keep yourself warm.  Scarves are a must! Try yoga or meditation and any activity that allows you to breathe deeply and strengthen your lungs.

Diet: A time of warming soups, casseroles and stews.

As it is no longer summer, we should stop eating the cooling foods of summer such as salads and raw foods and instead look at what the plentiful colourful harvest at this time provides. So instead of salads we should have roasted vegetables.

Avoid cold drinks and foods and try to maintain the warmth in your inner body so your digestion works more effectively.  The Chinese believe your stomach should always be like a warm cauldron to help you with the complicated process of turning your food into energy and fully taking in the nutrients. Stewed fruits and berries with porridge is the perfect way to start the day.

Bad backs with aches and pains are common at this time so avoid walking barefoot on cold floors as the channel that starts in the soles of the feet goes to your lower back.  When cycling, keep your neck and lower back protected from the cold wind.

As the nights turn in earlier we too should go to bed earlier.  Get more rest, read more and just be. Don’t feel guilty – it’s essential to heal and prepare our bodies for the next year.

Acupuncture in Worthing

Author Rebecca Bond is one of 2 acupuncturists at Broadwater Osteopaths in Worthing. She firmly believes in living by the seasons and adapting our body and minds to the seasonal changes. Rebecca’s specialist interests lie in Women’s health issues, fertility, pain management, gut issues and allergies.

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