Acupuncture and osteopathy in Worthing

Acupuncture and Osteopathy in Worthing

As an adjunct to the Osteopathic techniques, some of our osteopaths at BOP also use dry-needling or modern acupuncture as part of their treatments. This approach can give great results, especially in reducing muscular spasm and tension and by addressing the ‘trigger points’ (hypersensitive, knotted, tight points) in the muscle.

Many patients find that this combined approach of needling an osteopathy provides a better result than one pure treatment on its own. This is of course individual, as are each of us.

By inserting a needle in to a trigger point or knotted muscle, we aim to decrease the muscle contraction, nerve irritation and pain levels and enhance mobility. This can be helpful in acute injuries where there is a lot of spasm, inflammation and guarding.

In much the same way as an osteopathic treatment, patients will often feel sore and achy for up to 48 hours post a treatment session. There may also be a little localised bruise from the needle insertion, although this is not that common. Ice applications and stretching may be useful post treatment, but your therapist will advise on this on an individual basis.

Modern Vs traditional Acupuncture

It should be noted that dry-needling is not the same as acupuncture. Dry-needling is based on Western medicine and principles while acupuncture originates from traditional Chinese medicine. While the use of needles is the same, the intention and actual treatment process may be quite different.

If you have any questions regarding modern acupuncture, please call us and talk to Ben, Grant or Matt. They will be able to advise you on whether it is a suitable treatment for you.

At Broadwater Osteopathic Practice in Worthing, alongside our 3 osteopaths who use acupuncture, we also have 2 traditional acupuncturists too, Rebecca and Caroline. Traditional acupuncturists will take a holistic view of a patients concerns and look to treat the root causes of the problem using traditional meridian points. 

Please also note, if you donate blood, it is highly likely that the donor service may not allow you to donate for up to 18 months if you have any form of acupuncture treatment. This varies area to area, but it is the same for acupuncture as it is for dry needling. All needles used at BOP are sterile, single use needles, but this alone may not be sufficient to enable you to donate blood.

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