Winter Wellness advice

Winter wellness with Broadwater Osteopathic Practice

As the weather becomes colder, wetter and the skies turn grey, we may not feel so energised and enthused to go outside, but exercise is so important, both mentally and physically. It helps us to stay supple, gets the blood pumping to our extremities and helps to wake us up generally.

Some other things to consider as we reach the festive time include;

  1. Watching your sleep. Making sure you are getting a decent night of uninterrupted sleep.
  2. Eating well and keeping hydrated. Try to eat lots of colour in your daily diet and by this we do not include skittles! Colourful fruit and veg are loaded with antioxidants to help our immune systems.
  3. Maintain contact with friends and family. Whilst we may be restricted with Covid, we can still keep in touch by phone, text or video messaging. Staying connected helps our mental wellbeing and in turn, our physical too.
  4. Massage your hands and feet. Keep the extremities warm and massage the hands and the feet. Using a spikey massage ball can help with this, Simply roll the ball under each foot whilst you sit in the evening and over your hands too. This will help circulation and mobilise the muscles and joints too.
  5. Work on your balance. Falls become increasingly likely as the weather becomes colder. Part of this is due to the fact that we are simply exercising less at this time and tend to loose a little strength and for some, a little confidence too. Practice balance exercises at home. Stand on 1 leg. If you can do this easily, stand on 1 leg with eyes closed. Simple yoga moves can also help.
  6. Stay warm. Ensure your house and office are well heated. Being too cold is likely to make you hunch up more and stay in one position longer. Ensure a good home and work temperature is maintained.

Wellbeing in Worthing

These wellbeing tips are brought to you from the team at Broadwater Osteopathic Practice in Worthing. As a practice we offer advice and guidance on all elements of wellbeing, including hands on treatments too. From sleep issues, energy levels, digestive problems and aches and pains, our team have wellbeing covered. To find out more click here.

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