Sports Injury treatment with Broadwater Osteopaths, Worthing


At Broadwater Osteopathic Practice we have the perfect team to help you with a Sporting Injury. Many people will often seek help from a Sports Therapist or Physio for their sporting injury, but we feel our team are perfectly placed to help. Several of our Osteopaths have keen interests in Sports themselves and participate in […]

Turmeric- the inflammation buster


What is tumeric and how is it used in healthcare? Turmeric, often used in cooking, as a colouring agent and food preserve, has also been used for its medicinal purposes for 1000’s of years. In practices such as Ayurveda it is used to assist issues like infections, skin issues and tummy troubles. Research papers report […]

Cycling- How to set up your bike for a painfree ride


How to set up your bike for a less painful ride Throughout Covid, many more people have taken to their bikes. One key way to improve comfort on your bike is to get it set up correctly so that your body is taking the strain of any exercise evenly and not taking it all through […]

Injections for tendonitis are they a good option?


Should I have an injection for my tendonitis issue? There are many forms of tendon dysfunction and tendinopathies, most occurring as a result of wear and tear or overuse. They can be very painful and interruptive on daily life, but there are also many and varied ways of treating them too. Steriod injections These can […]

Muscle stretching and the potential health benefits


Could having my muscles stretched have health benefits? This article is directly taken from the BBC series ‘Trust me i’m a doctor’ and is for information only. Could allowing yourself to be gently stretched by someone else, without making any effort of your own, give you some of the more important benefits of exercise? It sounds unlikely, but […]

Deep tissue and Sports Massage in Worthing


Deep tissue massage, what is it, what can it help and what to expect from treatment? This form of massage, as the name suggests, tends to involve use of firmer massage strokes to ease deeper muscle tensions. In clinic we often use this style of massage to compliment osteopathic treatments. It can be effective in […]

5 running tips for sports injury prevention by osteopath Matthew Schofield


Simple tipss to help prevent sports injuries by Matthew Schofield, osteopath. As the nights draw in the thought of going out for a run can become less inviting. A poorly timed injury can be enough to take even the best of us out of a good routine and into a slump. That’s why it’s important, […]