Sleep and pain-tackling both by Broadwater Osteopaths, Worthing

Sleep and pain

There are many reasons why we may not be sleeping well including stress, mental over-activity or pain. Sometimes chronic pain can result in weeks or months of poor sleep and longer term sleep deprivation. This cycle of poor sleep can then lead to increased pain as the body has less recovery time and less neurotransmitters are produced at night to help the body mediate pain, resulting in worsening of symptoms. ​

Here we share some tips to try and facilitate a better nights sleep and therefore improve pain too.

  1. Look at your medication and speak to your GP/pain management team. Is your medication worsening or helping your sleep pattern?
  2. Are your mattress and pillows serving you well? Are they comfortable and supportive? Try a few different pillows or ask your osteopath to help advise you on this.
  3. Prioritise sleep over other activities. Switch off gadgets and TV an hour before bed to allow the brain to wind-down too. Get sleep ready in this time; read a book, take a bath, simply relax.
  4. Exercise regularly and fuel yourself well. Try to limit sugar and refined products, along with caffeine and alcohol.
  5. Take a bath in Epsom salts to sooth achy, tired muscles.
  6. Practice meditation, breathing techniques or mindfulness.

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