Osteoporosis- the silent disease, with Helen Mayors, Osteopath at Broadwater Osteopathic Practice, Worthing

Osteoporosis- the silent disease

Often the first time people realise they have osteoporosis is after they sustain a fall. In 2010 across the EU, more than 43,000 deaths related to fractures. Although more common in women, 1 in 5 men in the UK over the age of 50, break a bone due to low bone strength and what is more the mortality in men is higher compared to women.

The primary factors to consider are prevention, maintenance, early diagnosis and risk avoidance when looking at osteoporosis and self-help.

When we look at those more likely to get osteoporosis we look at the following factors which may increase prevalence

  1. Female
  2. Over 50
  3. Family history of osteoporosis
  4. Thyroid and hormone problems
  5. Low calcium levels and eating disorders
  6. Long term use of steroids
  7. Alcohol consumption and smoking
  8. Inactivity and sedentary lifestyles
  9. Weight

Look now to make changes to your health and keep it your focus. Remain strong, healthy and agile. Move more and sit less. Doing weights and weight-bearing activities may also help. Please see our blog on why women should do weights.

Time to get up, get moving and take control of YOU. After all we only get 1 chance. Life is no rehearsal.

Helen Mayors, Osteopath at BOP has a special interest in Osteoporosis and supporting clients with not only treatment, but diet, supplementation advice and prevention too. Call today to speak to Helen or book an appointment with her on 01903 820206.

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