Osteopathy and Indian Head Massage for Sinusitis Complaints

Osteopathy and Indian Head Massage could assist sinusitis problems

What are sinuses

The sinuses are small air filled chambers which are located above your eyes, around your nose and in your cheekbones.

What is sinusitis

Their function is to warm and moisten the air as it makes its way to the lungs and to trap bacteria. The bacteria can then be removed when you swallow or blow your nose. When there is inflammation of the membrane linings, sinusitis develops and drainage becomes restricted. This may lead to infection, headache and pain in the face, over the eyes, into the teeth and jaw and generally make you feel pretty awful.

Medications can be given to help ease symptoms, reduce the inflammation and dry the area up, but treatments may help to address problems underlying the cause.

Sinus treatment with Osteopathy or Indian Head Massage

Osteopathy may help with movement of the neck, upper body, lymphatic drainage and address cranial and muscular tensions, which could be worsening or maintaining symptoms. Indian head massage may also provide similar relief. Both will work to encourage better drainage of the sinuses and aid prevention of the mucus build up.

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