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Changes in sleeping patterns in colic-suffering babies treated with Osteopathy

(Osteopathic School of Barcelona)


In scientific literature, the more frequently used criteria to define colic are those from the paediatricians Wessel 1 and Carey 2, characterized by uncontrollable crying episodes in healthy and well-fed infants. To an osteopathic level, there are several studies dealing with infant colic, but no firm conclusions can be drawn from them. This study intends to assess whether osteopathic treatment for intestinal colic has effects on the sleeping time and crying episodes of the infants. A case study with 9 patients (90% boys and 10% girls, all of them with an average age of 5.8 weeks) has been carried out. A series of 30 minutes sessions has been conducted with each one of them, once a week, along 4 weeks. For assessing the results, we have used the sleep questionnaire Brief Infant Sleep Questionnaire 3, and crying time has been quantified during the 24 previous hours to every one of the 4 sessions and once more a week after the last treatment. It has been observed the following: sleeping time has increased 3 hours per day and the time the baby spends awake during the night has been reduced in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Sleep is interrupted on average three times less per night, in addition, the baby falls asleep 1 hour and 19 minutes earlier and spends 2 hours and 37 minutes less crying (p.<0.001). Therefore, it may be conclude that osteopathic treatment can significantly improve sleeping patterns of infants suffering from colics, as it has helped increasing sleeping hours both for day and night, and has reduced weeping episodes and sleep disruptions.

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