Movement is the key to life

Movement is indeed the key to life.

Sitting is not the evil party here, but the remedy to sitting is in fact moving more!

We are not designed and built to remain static. We need to move, not only to help our joints, but our heart, lungs and organs too. The body needs movement, as much as it needs fuel from foods and water.

During the course of the day, even in the office, we need to move around. Get up, walk around the office, climb the stairs, lunge, stretch, squat or just simply move. Change your position. Move all parts of your body, from your head to your toes. Your best posture is your next posture is a good moto to keep to mind. 

Even those people that go to the gym after work and feel this defies the need to move in the office, it does not undo the 8 hours of sitting and the hours in bed resting too. The body needs movement throughout the whole day.

Investing in the best chairs, a sit stand desk and other lovely, expensive toys, can all help, but you still need to move too.

In a techno world there are Apps that can help you to achieve this goal. Look up Gyroscope, which is one of our favourites or do more simplistic things like sticking tiny dots around the office. When you spot one in the course of the day, it means you must move about. Or set a timer to your screen to pop up a message every 20 minutes or so.

Encourage the whole office to take part in the fun!

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