ME and Chronic Fatigue with Broadwater Osteopaths

Chronic Fatigue and ME

Chronic fatigue syndrome is classified by fatigue that persists even with rest and sleep and effects everyday life.  This is way beyond simply feeling tired and can lead to severe disability and long-term illness.

The condition is more common in women and there may be some genetic link. Most commonly the condition affects people from their 20’s to 40’s but it can strike earlier or later. Most children and young adults tend to improve well over time.

The effects of CFS or ME can be mild- whereby a sufferer is able to look after themselves, but may need the odd day off of work to rest; to severe where even the basic tasks need assistance.

There is no known cause for the condition but some suggest immune system compromise, infections, hormone imbalances and stress, could be contributors.

The condition is diagnosed largely on the basis of symptoms without any other cause being found to explain them.

Treatment approaches for ME and Chronic Fatigue

The treatment approach tends to focus on a combined approach of some physical and psychological therapy mixed with medication to control symptoms. This approach may look to include CBT, counselling, exercise therapy, physiotherapy or osteopathymassage, sleep therapy and relaxation. Supplementation of certain vitamins and improvement of diet can also help.

It is generally thought that pacing activity and a structured, tailored routine, alongside physical and psychological support is the best way to combat the effects of CFS/ME.

Treatment for ME and Chronic Fatigue in Worthing

At Broadwater Osteopathic Practice in Worthing, we help to support our patients via a combined approach dealing with the physical and psychological elements of your condition. This may involve several members of the team, working together with you, to achieve the maximum results. Often a mixture of hands on treatments like cranial osteopathy and acupuncture, combined with hands off work to deal with stress, anxiety, nutrition and exercise works well. Results will vary from patient to patient. Find out more about our treatments here.

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