Keeping fit through winter

Making fitness work

Making fitness work in the New Year resolution knock out!!

Almost everyone knows how to get fitter and healthier, but when life’s already full, how can you actually do those things?

With these 7 practical tips, of course:

  1. Ask yourself why you want to get fit until you get to the crux of it – then you’ll know how to prioritise and why

  • Use the jar analogy and get fitness priorities straight: big rocks = essential big things like family, pebbles = valuable things like hobbies, sand = non-essential fun like TV. Too much sand = not enough time for your fitness routine!
  • Track your time in 15min bites for 2 weeks and check if it aligns with what you believe your priorities to be – is your fitness in there enough?
  • Replace small chunks of non-essential time identified in your schedule with your fitness goals – watch the progress numbers start to climb!
  • Create an environment for fitness: join the gym that’s closest to home/work, keep your sports bag by the door/in the car, meet up for work/play in the park so you can walk etc.
  • Stick to your movement schedule – if it’s an appointment rather than an “if I feel like it” you’re more likely to do it.
  • Review your fitness goals weekly. If you met them then celebrate, include more of what worked and add 15mins to next week. If you didn’t then look at what you did instead and go back to your “jar”; life happens so one offs are ok but if you need to tweak your schedule then do it. And finally…..
  • Keep the goals small and quick wins first, delegate to others if you can so you have more time for fitness, combine essential things like work with movement, get a good coach 

Which forms of exercise achieve results fastest

  • Running/jogging/hiking
  • Cycling

    • Circuits inc. skipping

      • Rowing & Swimming

        • Aerobics – dance or fast pace

How to lessen injury whilst keeping fit

  • Get a good personal trainer & massage therapist

    • Warm up and cool down properly

      • Cross train

        • Be positive but realistic

          • Dress right for what you do

            • Fuel and hydrate well

              • Maintain a strong core
              • Listen to your body

Help with fitness in Worthing

At Broadwater Osteopaths we help people at all stages of exercise and fitness. Whether you are new to exercise or are a high level sports man or women. We are here to help and guide you as little or as much as you like. We have a whole sports team at the practice. We can help with sports injuries, sports rehabilitation, sports massage, nutrition and lifestyle guidance. Why not take a look at the things we offer here.

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