Keeping fit through winter- 8 top tips

Winter tips from Worthing Osteopaths

The damp, cold days are not great at motivating even the best of us to get out and exercise, but maintaining fitness is so important, both physically and mentally. Being outdoors in the fresh air and enjoying nature and the changes it brings, is the best way to combat any concerns.

Try our top tips to get you out and enjoying exercise again.

  1. Plan ahead. When are you most likely during your day to feel motivated? Not everyone is a morning or evening person. Pick a time of day that works for you and stick to it.
  2. Set goals, no matter how small they are and remember something is better than nothing. If you only have 10 minutes, that is fine. Use it well and plan ahead.
  3. Do some form of exercise you enjoy. Not all of us like running or cycling. Pick a form of exercise you like and try and stick with it. Dancing around the lounge or Zumba can be great ways to stay fit.
  4. Buddy up. Why not do a zoom class with a friend or download an app to take part in virtual classes. There are loads to choose from and all levels too.
  5. When venturing outside to exercise, ensure you wrap up and keep warm. Most fitness clothing is designed to be lightweight and warm whilst allowing you to move and stretch.
  6. Warm up and wind down. Prepare your body to exercise. This is so important. Being eager is great, but overdoing underprepared muscles and joints can result in injury.
  7. Keep yourself mobile and flexible. A massage or visit to an osteopath can help with this. Booking a regular treatment can help lessen injury and keep you on peak form.
  8. Adapt day to day life to bring in more movement. Move you printer away from your laptop. Run up and down the stairs before and after each drink. Sit on a fitness ball rather than your chair for part of your day. Stand and wiggle whilst you work or answer a call. All these things add up. Being static is not what we were designed to be.

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