Skiing injury prevention

Injury prevention help skiing

Now that travel restrictions have eased somewhat, many people may be dashing to make a booking to go off skiing once again. You may have ticked the box for the Covid passport and flights, but have you ticked the box in preparing your body on what it is about to be subjected too?

After the festive season and the poor British weather, many of us may have spent more time sitting, perhaps thinking about the skiing, but making little preparation for it.

So lets look at some top tips to help lessen the chance of injury and prepare the body to be more ‘ski ready’.

Osteopath tips for skiing injury prevention

Any existing niggles or twinges, get them looked at before you go. An osteopath can help to ease symptoms, but also provide valuable advice on ways to help when you are away.

Ideally increase your exercise levels at least a month prior to going away. Focus on cardio work alongside leg strengthening and core strength. Gradually building up those squats, planks, lunges, hamstring curls and strengthening programmes. Walk to work, use the stairs rather than a lift and try to build more exercise into your daily routine.

Take a look at local gym and remote classes. There are an increasing number that tailor classes specifically for ski-ing, such as ‘ski fit’. These will tend to incorporate more exercises specific to the challenges your body will be facing.

Practice your balance. Thai Chi can be good for this, or simply doing single leg squats or balancing exercises can help. Use a wobble board if you have one or practice yoga poses like the tree.
Speak to your therapist or look into supports if you have pre-existing joint injuries. Providing a little more stability may help lessen re-injury.

It is a good idea to pack some remedies with you ‘just in case’ in the hope that you won’t need them. Perhaps some arnica for any bruising or inflammation, an ice/heat pack and some basic pain killers.
When you arrive at the resort, ensure that throughout your day, you take regular breaks, remain well hydrated, warm and well fuelled. Keep your muscles flexible and warm. Prepare them to ski with a few warm-ups and cool them down after with some stretching.
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