Injections for tendonitis are they a good choice?

There are many forms of tendon dysfunction and tendinopathies, most occurring as a result of wear and tear or overuse. They can be very painful and interruptive on daily life, but there are also many and varied ways of treating them too.

Steriod injections for tendonititis

These can be more useful in cases where inflammation is the main part of the problem, for example bursitis and tendonitis issues. The more ‘pin point’ the pain is the better the results can be. Steriod injections tend to be the most common form of injection given and often GP’s will perform them or consultants. The only odd concept here is that most tendinopathies do not have huge amounts of inflammation, but injections alongside manual therapy and exercise, can help with pain in the initial stages. There are some downsides too to injections in that they can also weaken the tendon itself, something which should be considered. There is argument amongst some people that the injection has more of a placebo effect in the long term and is not as effective a treatment as could be considered. Certainly some argue that acupuncture, without the steroid use, could be seen as being as effective.

Hyaluraonic Acid injections for tendonitis

These have been shown to help with osteoarthritis, but there are not extensive studies yet on its use. The way they are thought to help is by improving the gliding-sliding of tendons.

Plasma Injections for tendonitis

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections are pretty new in the injections world and a lot more research is needed. The idea behind these is that the platelets in the injection material are rich in repair protein simulators and thus when injected into a damaged tendon, they act to promote tissue growth. As yet, we do not really know how many injections would be needed, what dose is needed and how often they are needed. This may be the injection of the future though.

Tendonitis treatment in Worthing

Osteopathyacupuncturemassage and electrotherapy can offer relief and restoration of function in many patients. Speak to a member of our Broadwater Osteopathic Practice, Worthing team today and see if we can help. The most important thing to start with is to get an assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan. Check out the range of treatments we offer at the practice here. 

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