How to walk NOT push a buggy or wheelchair, by Broadwater Osteopaths, Worthing

How to Walk a Buggy not Push a Buggy, by Broadwater Osteopaths, Worthing

This may seem a bit of an odd post, but we see many patients in clinic who suffer with Buggy or Wheelchair related aches and niggles. These niggles vary from painful wrists and arms to low back pain and neck and shoulder aches. The question is are you a buggy pusher or a buggy walker?

A lot of people will tend to push the buggy or wheelchair. This involves generally holding on to the handles and pushing with the arms whilst leaning forward. Is this you?

What we want you to try next time you take the buggy or wheelchair out is this….

  • Whilst standing with your spine tall and straight, approach the buggy and place your hands on the handles.
  • Keep your shoulders and your neck and arms relaxed
  • Draw your focus to your legs- now take a step forwards, but without leaning forwards, keeping your body upright and focused ahead.
  • Now simply walk forwards. Your hands will nudge the buggy onwards as you move forward using your legs. Your legs are doing the work and your arms are nice and relaxed.
  • Keep looking ahead and walking normally without leaning forward or pushing the buggy with your arms. All your effort is coming from your legs.

By using the stronger leg muscles, energy will be minimised and you should experience fewer aches and pains. You may have to use some arm effort when you go up hill for example, but on the level, make those legs work for you.

If after your new improved buggy swagger, you still feel those aches and pains, give our team a call on 01903 820206 or see our website for more helpful hints and tips at

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