How to set up your bike

How to ease pain whilst cycling

Throughout Covid, many more people have taken to their bikes.

One key way to improve comfort on your bike is to get it set up correctly so that your body is taking the strain of any exercise evenly and not taking it all through a single joint. We commonly see in clinic leg issues from the seat being too low or high and neck and arm issues from the wrong frame size or bar positioning.

Osteopaths guide to bike set up

Try our DIY solutions and see if they help. If you need further assistance, there are many local companies that help owners set up their bike correctly.

  1. Do not over reach to the handle bars. Adjust your saddle position to provide a better position. Move your saddle forwards if possible or your handle bars back.
  2. Use cleats- ensure your foot is central on the cleat and not pointing in or out.
  3. Keep your saddle in a neutral position.
  4. Check your saddle height. An easy way to do this is to support yourself up against a wall, put the ball of your foot on your pedal. With the pedal at the lowest point near the ground, your knee should be slightly bent. Adjust the seat so that this is the case on both sides.
  5. When you are settled on your bike, try to relax. Ease the tension in your shoulders. Don’t over grip and keep focusing ahead. Let the legs relax in to your cycling rhythm and enjoy the fresh air and beauty that surrounds you.

Help for pain in Worthing 

If you have experienced pain whilst cycling or pain as a result of cycling, why not speak to one of our osteopaths or book an appointment with them. We can help to assess where the pain is coming from, help to treat it and also advise you on changes you can make to your lifestyle, including your cycling, to help ease symptoms.

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