Fungal nail and fungal foot care advice

Fungal nail and fungal footcare Chiropody advice

Fungal infections, such as athletes foot, simply love moist environments and this is where most will be picked up. Swimming pools, showers, shared foot wear and poorly dried feet.

The problem is more likely to develop in those people that have naturally sweaty feet, don’t dry their feet properly, wear non cotton or bamboo socks and wear shoes or boots that simply do not breathe.

Sufferers may notice the skin is itchy, there may be white patches between the toes, there may be secondary infections with redness around the toes.

Help is at hand though and following simple tips can make a big difference. Ensuring to wash the feet daily and properly dry between toes. Wearing cotton or bamboo socks. Using surgical spirit between toes. Not sharing towels or footwear.

Treatments such as canestan and daktarin creams and powders may also help, but if symptoms persist it is always worth seeking the opinion of a chiropodist or your GP. If in any doubt, get it checked out.

The NHS provide some advice on Fungal Nails too, click for more details. 

Sue Potten, Chiropodist in Worthing

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