Foot care in your senior years – with Worthing Chiropodist Sue Potten

Footcare in the senior years and why it is so important, with Sue Potten, Chiropodist at Broadwater Osteopathic Practice.

The importance of good footcare

Good feet are the key building block to remaining mobile and independent. Keeping our feet pain free, maintaining mobility and keeping check on our circulation is vital.

As we age, the risk of falls and also chronic health conditions increases, so ensuring our feet are as healthy and well cared for as they can be is essential.

Simple things like ensuring nails are trimmed, corns and hard skin removed, fungal infections addresed and circulation checked is a good starting place.

Taking note of any discolouration, mottling of the skin, pins and needles or numbness and acting on things early is vital.

Making sure footwear is supportive, well fitting, non-slip and has appropriate, easy to manage fastenings also helps.

Top footcare tips

Follow a few simple things to help care for your feet

  1. Regularly check them over. Are the nails and skin ok are their any blisters, corns or discoloured nails. Are any bits painful?
  2. Does anything look red, feel numb, tingle or just not look right? If it does, take action. Speak to your doctor or chiropodist.
  3. Wash feet daily in warm soapy water and use a flannel to dry them, ensuring you dry in between the toes too.
  4. Use a spritz of surgical spirit between the toes if you suffer with fungal infections like athletes foot and use flexitol on any very hard skin, like the heels. Use a decent moisturizer on the rest like E45 or Aveno.
  5. Keep nails short and not too thick. Use a file to keep the nails shorter if you find cutting them tricky.
  6. Make friends with a chiropodist. They can set you on the path to good foot care and discuss specific needs you have with you.
    Sue has worked as a Chiropodist at Broadwater Osteopathic Practice in Worthing for many years and has vast experience to share. She works alongside the team on a Wednesday and Friday. Appointments cost just £50 for the initial session then £40 for any subsequent sessions. To book call 01903 820206.

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